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grounded village studio

Enchanting fairy folk mug '' Eliss''

Enchanting fairy folk mug '' Eliss''

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hese beautiful handmade  and crafted mugs have been created with all of the folklore love and fairy sparkle goodness that life can offer!

A mug filled with happiness means every time you drink from her, magic happens within the beautifully fired clay and into your body it goes, a recipe for pure fantastical energy!

Hand made with love, not one the same , each little mug has its only personality and it cant get better than that!

Boxed and ready for gift giving to yourself or someone special!

If you would like to pick up from the studio - enter freeship at checkout

MEET : ''Eliss'' This beautiful Intuitive  character is here to help you stop and breath and enjoy the moment of peace, remembering to be with intention in your moments of stillness.

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