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Boredom buster - Art in a box kit

Boredom buster - Art in a box kit

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Art in a box for colourful creatives - In our amazing art boxes you can create at home with our wonderful selection of creative crafting boxes for all ages.

Each box includes the materials sent straight to your door ready for a creative time.

Follow along with tutorials or paper instructions.


Boredom is a GREAT thing! , boredom encourages imagination and really inspires exploration of the creative mind,  this box  does exactly that! It is full or arts and crafts activities to 'create your own way' a bunch of fun 'things' to explore, no 2 boxes are the same, there is paints and pots and colouring and sticks, beads and wire, fabric and glue to name a few, but who knows what's inside!

A big box of creative goodness, & no instructions!, we encourage creative play and what can come from a glorious box of creativity! Next time there is boredom nurture it with creativity !


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